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The Cross-Axial Revolution: Transforming Non-Bank Lenders into Industry Titans

Date: Jun 13, 2024 @ 07:00 AM
Filed Under: Industry Insights
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In an industry characterized by perpetual change, the demand for hybrid lending products underscores the necessity for a workforce that can adapt and innovate alongside these shifts. Non-bank lending spaces, particularly, demand expertise in navigating complex credits, coupled with a skill set that transcends conventional executional norms. It's within this context that cross-axial colleagues emerge as indispensable assets, serving as the linchpin for success in an evolving lending ecosystem that increasingly challenges the dominance of traditional lenders. Their ability to integrate insights from various financial disciplines and navigate the nuances of hybrid lending products positions them as essential drivers of innovation and growth in this dynamic market landscape.

A cross-axial colleague occupies a rare and pivotal role, functioning at the central nexus where various departments converge, architecting cohesive strategies that seamlessly integrate disparate functions. Their significance lies in their ability to bridge gaps between teams, leveraging a multi-disciplinary expertise that transcends traditional silos. Within the realm of non-bank lending, these professionals are revolutionary, adeptly blending operational acumen with deep knowledge of credit dynamics and hybrid asset-based lending (ABL) products like invoice factoring. These colleagues serve as the backbone of risk management, technological integration, and operational efficiency within an organization, offering not only competitive advantage but also strategic flexibility. Their capacity for innovation positions them as indispensable players in the lending landscape, capable of swiftly adapting to market dynamics and providing bespoke solutions tailored to individual client needs. Given their rarity, these individuals are highly sought-after assets, their presence conferring a distinct competitive edge to any non-bank lender wise enough to employ them. Their unique skills and perspectives enrich the firm's capabilities in efficiency, risk mitigation, and client service, elevating its standing in a fiercely competitive market.

The evolution of hybrid products signifies a profound transformation in the financial landscape, unlocking unprecedented opportunities for both lenders and borrowers alike. From straightforward combinations to intricate structures, hybrid lending encompasses a spectrum of innovative solutions, each tailored to address the unique challenges faced by borrowers. However, navigating this intricate terrain demands more than just financial expertise; it requires the holistic insight and strategic prowess of cross-axial colleagues who comprehend the nuances of process reengineering and ongoing servicing. These hybrid offerings, characterized by the fusion of diverse financial instruments, empower lenders to diversify their portfolios and mitigate risk while expanding their reach into previously untapped markets. By offering flexible solutions that cater to a wide range of borrower needs, non-bank lenders assert dominance in the financial space, capturing significant market share and driving industry innovation. Borrowers, in turn, reap the rewards of hybrid lending, gaining access to customized, flexible options that align precisely with their requirements and providing access to capital previously inaccessible through traditional lending channels. Thus, the symbiotic relationship between hybrid lending, cross-axial colleagues, and non-bank lenders not only reshapes the financial landscape but also heralds a new era of dynamic and inclusive financial solutions.

There is a stark difference between that of a specialist, generalist and one that is classified as a cross-axial colleague. Specialists have deep expertise in one area but lack the broader perspective of all moving pieces. Specialists, while invaluable in their focused expertise, may sometimes struggle to adapt to rapidly changing environments due to their narrow field of vision. Generalists, on the other hand, often excel in seeing the big picture but may lack the specialized insight necessary to navigate complex challenges effectively. In contrast, a cross-axial colleague brings a rigorous integrated approach not embodied by the other two type colleagues. They not only possess the depth of knowledge of a specialist and the breadth of understanding of a generalist but also brings a unique ability to integrate disparate perspectives, fostering a culture of innovation and resonate resiliency within the organization. The benefit of such colleagues within an organization spurs invention and adaptability, risk management, stronger client relationships, organizational growth and the opportunity to replicate the needed skill set within the industry.

Move over Where’s Waldo, where are your cross-axial colleagues hiding? If you're a non-bank lender, do you have one of these curious minds on your team? Have you tapped into this invaluable talent pool yet? Cross-axial colleagues bring a unique perspective, probing the depths of interconnectedness within financial realms that others might overlook. Without them, your organization risks navigating blind spots, potentially missing lucrative opportunities or offering solutions that fall short of meeting client expectations. Their absence can foster a culture of siloed thinking, hindering collaboration and yielding disjointed outcomes that do not comprehensively address client needs, leading to potential dissatisfaction. In today's rapidly evolving landscape, the adaptability of NBLs hinges on the presence of cross-axial colleagues who drive innovation, propelling the organization forward amidst market flux and ensuring it is still competitive against nimble adversaries. Without their guiding influence, stagnation looms, and the risk of falling behind in an ever-changing market intensifies, threatening growth prospects and compromising the organization's viability.

In contrast to non-bank lenders, traditional banks grapple with rigid organizational structures that stifle cross-departmental innovation. Compounded by the burden of legacy systems, these institutions struggle to integrate hybrid products seamlessly into their offerings. Moreover, their risk-averse nature often dissuades exploration of unconventional lending solutions, diminishing the necessity for cross-axial colleagues within their ranks. As non-bank lenders continue to seize market share, traditional banks face mounting challenges in adapting to the dynamic financial landscape, with their cumbersome structures and conservative approaches hindering their ability to pivot swiftly and compete effectively.

As the landscape of lending continues to evolve with the rise of non-bank lenders and the increasing demand for hybrid lending products, the need for cross-axial colleagues becomes even more pronounced. Thus, urging lenders to prioritize the identification and cultivation of such talent within their ranks to stay competitive and innovative in an ever-changing financial landscape. The existence of cross-axial colleagues fosters collaboration within the organization, leading to a more dynamic and agile team that can quickly respond to market changes and drive organizational growth in the market where every advantage matters. The presence of cross-axial colleagues is imperative, igniting collaboration within any organization and nurturing a dynamic, agile team capable of promptly adapting to market shifts, thus propelling organizational growth in a fiercely competitive landscape where every advantage is crucial.

Tree Buckingham
Executive Vice President Operations | Mountain Ridge Capital
Tree Buckingham is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of dedicated experience in the secured finance industry. Beginning her career as an Analyst in Factors at Fidelity Funding, Tree swiftly transitioned into the dynamic landscape of Asset-Based Lending (ABL). Her journey through the industry has been marked by a series of pivotal roles, showcasing her versatility and expertise across various lending domains. With early positions as a Collateral Analyst, Underwriter, Account Executive and Field Examiner at Guaranty Business Credit, Tree established a solid foundation in ABL, which was further enriched during her tenure as a Senior Financial Analyst at GMAC Commercial Finance. She then ventured into operational leadership roles at Core Business Credit, NewStar Business Credit, and Sterling National Bank, culminating in her role as Senior Managing Director at Sterling, where she oversaw specialty lending operations.

In her dual-purpose role as the EVP of Operations at both Mountain Ridge Capital, a respected lower-mid-market ABL lender, and Alpine Ridge Funding, a reputable factoring company, Tree's responsibilities extend far beyond traditional operational oversight. She leads corporate-level operations, steering the development and implementation of comprehensive internal policies and procedures. Tree oversees all aspects of loan servicing operations, ensuring efficiency and compliance. Additionally, she directs vendor management initiatives, optimizing relationships for maximum value. In her role as a strategic leader, Tree also spearheads IT infrastructure enhancements, leveraging technology to drive business growth. Ensuring seamless coordination among various departments, she fosters a culture of collaboration and operational excellence throughout both organizations.

Throughout her illustrious career, Tree has been instrumental in spearheading numerous initiatives, including loan system implementations, mergers and acquisitions, team restructuring, and process enhancements. Her expertise extends beyond traditional ABL, encompassing factors, equipment, media film and healthcare finance. A consummate executional leader, Tree is driven by a dual focus on enhancing the borrower experience and optimizing internal operations. She is deeply committed to risk mitigation, reporting accuracy, data integrity, and operational excellence.

Tree's extensive knowledge base, coupled with her unwavering dedication to fostering
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